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Magic Arena: Rules and Instructions

(Version 0.4)

1. Player starts with 20 Hit Points (as default; different variations may be used).
Player loses HP when attacked by other player. Player is removed from game when HP becomes 0 or less (after turn is fully resolved; if player uses healing magic and would've been damaged fatally, but the healing raises HP above 0, player is not eliminated).

2. The game is played on chess board, 8X8 squares marked as "A-H 1-8" (as default; different size variations may be used).

3. Turns are simultaneous. All players do their moves and attacks before results of the turn are resolved.

4. Players have 0 or more Magic Points. Each turn (including turn 0) players gain 5 MP. MP are used every time player attacks.

5. During a turn player moves (or chooses not to) and attacks (or chooses not to).

5a. On one turn player may move up to two squares, including diagonally. (Thus player can move into any square within 5X5 square area centered in the square player was in previous turn.)
Player using any magic (Fly, Burrow, Sail) that moves him/her may NOT move regularly on that turn.

5b. Any number of players may be in same square.

5c. During a turn player may use magic (=attack) any number of times; only limit is the amount of MP player has. Player may choose to not use any magic to conserve MP.

5d. Player isn't harmed by own magic.

6. In start of game each player chooses type of magic and square to start. Player can only use magics of the chosen type, Healing magics or the Black/White Magic Storm. Types are Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

(Suggested variant rules: players choose two types; players may use level 1 magics of all types; players may use all magics; no healing)

7. List of magics/attacks:

Fire magics:
1 Flame Thrower: costs 1 MP, does 2 damage to any player in chosen direction (of 8)
2 Fire Cross: costs 7 MP, does 4 damage to any player on same vertical or horizontal line
3 Fire Star: costs 10 MP, does 5 damage to any player on same vertical, horizontal or diagonal line
4 Fire Storm: costs 14 MP, does 6 damage to all black squares
5 Meteor: costs 12 MP, does 8 damage to 3X3 area centered on player

Water magics:
1 Tide: costs 2 MP, does 1 damage to 10 squares in chosen corner (for example squares A1-4,B1-3,C1-2,D1 are the SW corner)
2 Flush: costs 3 MP, does 4 damage to four center squares (D-E4-5)
3 Flood: costs 9 MP, does 4 damage to 21 squares in chosen corner (similarly to Tide, only two diagonal rows further)
4 Ice Storm: costs 13 MP, does 5 damage to all white squares
5 Sail: costs 3 MP, moves player to any square on edge of board (lines A,H,1,8); can only be used when in that area

Earth magics:
1 Rolling Stone: costs 2 MP, does 2 damage to chosen vertical or horizontal line
2 Quake: costs 6 MP, does 3 damage to center quarter of board (C-F3-6)
3 Quarter of Earth: costs 7 MP, does 3 damage to chosen quarter of board (SW=A-D1-4 etc.)
4 Volcano: costs 12 MP, does 7/5/3 damage to 5X5 area; 7 in center (aimed) square, 5 in (8) squares around it and 3 around the edges
5 Burrow: costs 2 MP, moves player to opposite side (across center) of board

Air magics:
1 Lightning: costs 1 MP, does 4 damage to chosen square
2 Tornado: costs 4 MP, does 3 damage to chosen 3X3 area
3 Hurricane: costs 13 MP, does 5 damage to chosen 5X5 area
4 Tunder Storm: costs 18 MP, does 7 damage to chosen 7X7 area
5 Fly: costs 4 MP, player may choose any square to move into

W/B White Magic Storm/Black Magic Storm: costs 11 MP, does 3 damage to all white/black squares

H1: costs 7 MP, returns 1 HP
H2: costs 12 MP, returns 3 HP
H3: costs 18 MP, returns 5 HP
H4: costs 25 MP, returns 8 HP

8. Game ends when there is only one player or none left. Winner is the last remaining player. If two or more players are removed on same turn, the one with more HP wins (a player can have 0 or negative HP at the time of being removed). If also HP is even, the game ends in tie.

Practical playing instructions:

For move, just post the square you're moving into. If not making a move (choosing to stay put or using movement magics), post a "-" to separate between move and magic (such as H3). ALWAYS move first, then magic(s).
For magics/attacks, use the following: number of magic (1-5) followed by square, line, corner or direction (see below) or W, B or H1-4. (If playing with rule variant that allows use of several type of magic, mark the type - F,W,E,A - before the number: A3, F4 etc.)
For direction (Flame Thrower), use W SW S SE E NE N NW
For corner (Tide, Flood, Quarter of Earth), use SW NW NE SE
For line (Rolling Stone), use 1-8 or A-H
For area magics where area is chosen (Volcano, Tornado, Hurricane, Tunder Storm), choose the center square.
If not using any magic, you don't need to show that any way, just post only a square to move in.

Any illegal moves - square you can't move to, magic requiring more MP than you have etc. - are ignored.


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