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Runboard design, the board

Well I am not really happy with the title but couldn't think of anything else to call it. emoticon

When you first decide you want to make changes to a message board you have to first tell Runboard that you are creating a "custom layout" for your board. If you fail to do this then any changes you make are considered temporary and will vanish when you leave the board! Fear not, it is easy to stake your claim so Runboard will know to keep your changes in place. Go to:

Control panel>Board Management>Change board theme/layout.

Check the option that says 'Copy it to the custom layout, and switch to using the custom one'. Click the 'Change theme' button.

Once you do that then all changes made are saved by Runboard and will stay in place unless you decide to change them. If you need help figuring this step out then pop over to the Runboard Support Forums and check out this topic.


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