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CSS: the HTML, BODY, & #ak_board_home tags

When setting up your board one of your first decisions will be if you want to change Runboard's default CSS settings for the BODY element of your board, or adding a new setting for the CSS HTML element, or with setting up the Runboard #ak_board_home (and subsequent forum tags).

The HTML and BODY elements are unique for several reasons but suffice it to say they apply to the whole message board albeit in slightly different ways. The #ak_board_home tag is unique because it acts almost like a BODY element but just for the board's main page (the forums list page). Below is how the "if..." boards looks depending on which element is defined:

if... board with BODY element defined

if... board with HTML element defined

if... board with #ak_board_home tag defined

The margins seem to be a little different between the BODY element and the #ak_board_home tag but not enough to worry about in most cases. The HTML element does not show the design feature used on the board but does appear interesting. I decided that for this board the BODY element was best since I want all the forums to share the same main design feature. You don't have to do it my way which is the reason I posted this, so you can see the differences and make up your own mind on what to do.

NOTE: there is a interesting article on the HTML and BODY elements in CSS over here.


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