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Adding a Board Stat

I always wanted to be able to add a board stat to the Board Stats table but could not figure out how. I even asked a couple of times but the results never seemed to match exactly what I wanted to do.

This trick from Lesigner Girl is really cool though:

Lesigner Girl wrote:

... you can try this:

.forumlistboardstatstable > tbody:nth-child(1) > tr:nth-child(4) > td:nth-child(3):before {

   content: 'Board opened to the public:';
.forumlistboardstatstable > tbody:nth-child(1) > tr:nth-child(4) > td:nth-child(4):before {
   content: 'xx/xx/xxxx';

Aural screen readers won't read it, but it will display visually.


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