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Anonymous Forum

This set of codes attempts to hide the identity of those posting in a single forum on a message board. For those who play and post honestly this works but the down side is there is no easy "quote" or "edit" function for topics in the forum. To see the codes in action you can visit this forum.

#fl_td_21_5 span,
#ak_forum_3 .ak_msg_post_table,
#ak_forum_3 .ak_msg_post_signature_block,
#ak_forum_3 .postlistcontact span,
#ak_forum_3 span.postlisteditedbyvalue {

#ak_forum_3 .postlistquotedtext > blockquote:nth-child(1) > b:nth-child(2) {
   display: none; visibility: hidden;

#ak_forum_3 .postlisteditedby:after {
content: url(;

Just to be totally clear, the codes above cannot stop a person from finding out who has posted. It is actually kind of easy to discover who is who but even so this is kind of neat and works for casual anonymity... The codes would also make a really clever "April Fools" joke. emoticon

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